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Mission Q'eros 2020

In 2020 due to the Covid Pandemic the NGO Pachamama was not physically present in Q'eros, but as in every year we sent annual contributions which included food for the winter season, food and toys for Christmas, and resources for the necessary medical follow-up.

Last November we had the opportunity to witness and participate in a very beautiful moment when Fortunato Flores and Martina from Q'eros offered us a Pago, an Andean Offering by virtual transmission.

The NGO thanks on behalf of Hatun Q'eros' villages to everyone who made their donations and contributed financially to help them and nurture hope in this time of global difficulty.

Despite the world panorama, our brothers and sisters from Hatun Q'eros continue well, protected and healthy!



Carta de Notícias

Missão Q'eros 2019

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