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I want to become a monthly supporter of the NGO Pachamama

You can help the Projects maintained and nurtured by this collective of dreamers. By donating every month, all the initiatives will continue to have an impact and leave their footprint on eternity!
Your donation helps the dreams of the Andean grandfathers and grandmothers to continue reverberating.


USD 30,00

With just USD 1.00 per day you help support the needs of the Communities in Q'eros, our Inca ayllu in Peru. 


USD 60,00

With just USD 2.00 per day you help support hungry families all over Brazil.


USD 90,00

With just USD 3.00 per day you help maintain the natural preservation areas, projects and fraternal living spaces. 

We work to re-establish the Ayni, the flow of goodness, abundance and harmony, natural to our mother Pachamama. 

Start helping now, and if you CAN BE A VOLUNTEER, write to us telling us which service area you can contribute to!


The challenges are great, but the capacity that flows from beings that kindle the flames of their hearts and carry compassion and good will is also huge. United to create what will be!


 Hace algún tiempo en ese lugar 
donde hoy los bosques se visten de espinos 
se oyó la voz de un poeta gritar 

"Caminante no hay camino, 
se hace camino al andar..." 

Poetry by Juan Manuel Serrat

Get to know our projects


Hold the children from the Andean Mountains giving them gifts and affect. This is the opportunity that the "godparents" also makes theirselves presence and  embrace the needs that comes from there.


They are located in important energy points in Brazil and Argentina. In it we develop different activities, in a lively research looking for the construction of the Land Without Evil we dream of. Support and help communities to develop their local projects.

To learn more about the Projects click here


Since 2012 we are acting with Hatun Q'eros Community to strengthen the self-management process of them. This people dream of achieving economic, food and political sovereignty, and for that we are working together with them to find the best way to preserve their way of life and their culture. Support, contribute to the Projects that are being developed with this community.


The NGO Pachamama works in partnership with several regional projects that register vulnerable families who need food donations to make up the daily meal. Support the NGO on a monthly basis so that we can bring more food to people's tables.

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