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Mission Q'eros

Among the snowy peaks, the mountains draw bonds of resistance and persistence with their waters.

There is a nation that, preserved from Spanish rule, since ancient times lives near the high peaks of the Andes, Peru.

Our Project Mission Q’eros is for the preservation and continuity of the Q’eros Nation.

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Food Revolution

Life manifests itself along the deep creativity of this land. From there we harvest diverse, colorful, tasty fruits that feed a solidary network ... a source of energy, of life. To appropriate from this source, of the foundation of this planet, is to try to control it from its intimacy, intimidating creation.
Reconsidering meat consumption: always debate the origin of the food and, accordingly, reconsider meat consumption, if not definitively eliminating it from our menu at least considerably decreasing its consumption, due, among many causes, to its form of production and its environmental impact.

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The Cultural Corner
With elements that convey the Well Living, this Cultural Corner in southern Brazil promotes workshops, courses, artistic soirees, multicultural celebrations, Theatre of the Oppressed, Clown performances, female empowerment and women's meetings, meditations, handicraft classes, capoeira classes, creative writing and poetry, rhythms and musical instruments and environmental education.

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Peasants and Urban Communities 

The Communities are spaces that aim to create a way of living, by working and shaping dreams, developing experiences of community, solidarity and ecocentric intents.

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The Pilgrim Newspaper
Peregrino Newspaper is a semestral publication of the Ayllu Mística Andina Movement, which was published for the first time in 2003, under the name Paralda, receiving in 2008 the name it carries today. Bringing spiritual reflections, peasants, articles, tales and poems, it is periodically distributed in printed and virtual format.

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