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Good Things Happen

Casamama Rainbow receives a new resident
San Marcos Sierras, Argentina - December

In this last Christmas, all the children of Casamama rejoiced with this beautiful treat, the arrival of the newest fellow in the community, the dear little horse Moro.
Beginning of the temple construction in Sacred Valley Community
Pelotas, Brazil - December

On December 17th, we did a Pago for the start of the Temple construction in Sacred Valley Peasant Community! Little by little our first pillars appear!

Isaac Obelar teaches us about beekeeping
Porto Alegre, Brazil - October

The NGO PACHAMAMA and the project CULTURAL CORNER for Environmental Education present the COURSE "How to start an Apiary". We will be together from the Aoniken Community in Mrungava RS with Isaac Obelar and community residents learning the craft and art of beekeeping.

Find classes on our NGO Pachamama channel on youtube

Casamama Rainbow opens community kitchen​

San Marcos Sierras, Argentina - September

Little by little the Common House at Casamama Rainbow Peasant Community is getting ready and with great joy we celebrate along with the residents who inaugurated this space of nutrition!
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