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What is Mission Q'eros?


It is a Mission for the preservation and continuity of the Q’eros Nation. They are the descendants of a legitimate Inca lineage, a living heart and native to the American continent. Even today they speak Q'echua and maintain the tradition of worshiping Pachamama - Mother Earth, and Apus (spirit of the mountains).

This indigenous nation, after escaping the Spanish conquest, remained for more than 500 years isolated from the colonial and imperialist process happening in Latin America and the result of this is a people who carry on the ancestral teachings and the sensitivity that reigned in our lands before the colonizing invasion.


They are peasants, shepherds, who keep alive the llove, respect and communication with the land they carry within the Sumak Kausay, the Well Living, the Ayni (reciprocity), Ayllu (understanding of collective and community life).

Q'echua, the language of the Q’eros Nation, is one of the most important languages ​​originated in the Andes. Spoken by indigenous people from South America, mainly in Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador, Colombia and Peru, it was dying during the European colonization in the American Continent.


As a result of this and knowing the responsibility that we have to keep our own history alive, since 2012 the NGO Pachamama has developed a program to support the Chalmachimpana community (one of the villages in that nation), promoting the preservation of the Andean worldview, indigenous identity and the rescue of the culture of the Q'eros people.


Over these years we have created a permanent bond that reinforces the quality of life, dignity, appreciation of the culture and tradition of the Q’eros Nation. More than that, our missions foster the economic, food and political sovereignty of these people.

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Missão Q'eros 2023

O mundo que vivemos está mudando de forma acelerada, inclusive nas altas montanhas. Este ano voltaremos ao povo das montanhas para renovar nossa aliança de dez anos de carinho e respeito mútuo, e acompanhar os desafios que traz a crise climática em Nação Q’eros. 

As neves eternas que cobriam os Apus (picos nevados) já não estão aí para recordar-nos sua pureza. Os arroios que cantavam junto às casas quasi não levam água. Quiçá haverá que renovar o pacto para viver nesta paisagem? O povo Q’eros ten vivido en harmonia com seu entorno desde sempre. Seu vínculo se alimenta pelos gestos ancestrais pelos quais muitos os descrevem como os místicos mais importantes de América.

Este ano subiremos a montanha para renovar nossa aliança de intimidade e respeito, e debater os desafios que chegam a toda a humanidade. Quiçá eles nos ajudem a encontrar algumas respostas.

Missão Q'eros 2022

Em 2022 a Ong Pachamama doou quatorze mil reais (R$ 14.000,00) ao longo do ano de 2022 para ajudar na construção da creche em Chalmachimpana que atende a população de crianças menores de 5 anos deste anexo da Nación Q'eros.

Missão Q'eros 2021

Mission Q'eros 2020

In 2020 due to the Covid Pandemic the NGO Pachamama was not physically present in Q'eros, but as in every year we sent annual contributions which included food for the winter season, food and toys for Christmas, and resources for the necessary medical follow-up.


Last November we had the opportunity to witness and participate in a very beautiful moment when Fortunato Flores and Martina from Q'eros offered us a Pago, an Andean Offering by virtual transmission.

The NGO thanks on behalf of Hatun Q'eros' villages to everyone who made their donations and contributed financially to help them and nurture hope in this time of global difficulty.

Despite the world panorama, our brothers and sisters from Hatun Q'eros continue well, protected and healthy!


Missão Q'eros 2019



We can translate this expression as a rest house, for renovation and learning.

In our last Mission we met in an assembly with the Q'eros who told us their main needs, so for this year 2019 we were together with them dreaming of creating a space using permacultural techniques where they can receive, nourish and self-manage tourists who want to experience the Andean Ayllu.

Therefore, to strengthen the internal self-management process of this community so they can achieve their economic, food and political sovereignty, we held an assembly with all the villages to start the construction of the Rest House: Samana Wasi.


Achievements of the 2019 Mission 

• General Assembly with presentation of the Samana Wasi proposal;

• Photography exhibition to strengthen the identity and appreciation of the Q'eros' way of life;

• Sharing the food donated by the NGO among all annexes;

• Construction site Ritual;

• Installation and repair of Solar Panels;

• Delivery of translucent tiles for natural lighting of the houses;

• Children's activity with the Gira Mundo project - Participated in the Taquari Project (Curitiba - PR), exchanging drawings for the children of Q'eros at the Inka Pachacutec School;

• Acquisition of local handicrafts to encourage and disseminate the culture and art of Q’eros;

• Distribution and planting of seedlings and seeds.


About Q'eros and the 2018 and 2019 Mission

What are our biggest demands?





• Various foods and coca leaves - the only foods that grow there are potatoes and corn, and since the distance to other villages is too great we provide support for their livelihood.

• Irrigation for plantations at the top - creation of systems to help them maintain basic agriculture.

• Protection for flocks - llamas are attacked by cougars and foxes, making it difficult for the people to generate income.

Health and Education

• Smoke evacuation solutions - domestic stoves are located inside the houses and have no outlet for smoke, which is the main cause of respiratory diseases in children and the elderly.

• Herbal remedies for skin infections, colds, cough, internal and external parasites.

• Personal hygiene items - combs, toothbrushes, soaps, among others.

School supplies.



• Energy - installation of solar panels for renewable and independent energy generation.



Algumas frases de peregrinos que estiveram em Q'eros:


"Q’eros, a star of fleeting hope that is still on Earth ”

"They are a people of absurd simplicity”


“"A wisdom that we have lost and that we don't even know when and where"”


“… From the forests of stones and cold, Queros continues to breathe, and breaks through the snow the life of a people, the epic life of the Andean mystic ... Queros Nation is alive, vibrant, legendary, in a single language of love!”


“They keep that secret there, keeping themselves innocent”

“This pilgrimage to Qeros is to rediscover our identity, learning  how we can get it right as humanity”

What has been done?


During the first Mission, in 2012, the group of volunteers from the NGO Pachamama catalogued the needs of the community through assemblies that revealed the priority actions, serving as the basis for the action plan for our next missions.


In 2013, the alliance with Governor Francisco Quespi and the Chalmachimpana Community was strengthened and, in response to his request for help, we were able to maintain the continuity of visits.


In 2014 we continued the project with:


• Installation of four solar panels that can illuminate 10 houses and share the lighting with other houses further away;

• Installation of two irrigation systems for the pastures of llamas and alpacas;

• Experimental construction of a high efficiency stove that eliminates the problem of smoke from the houses and the incidence of respiratory diseases;

• Delivery of personal hygiene materials and enough food for survival in the harsh Andean winter.


Between September 2012 and April 2014, we were able to deliver more than 1 ton of food to the Q’eros Nation.


In 2015, our visit to Challmachimpana was for maintenance and monitoring what has already been done and service actions such as diagnosis of diseases and evaluation of education in order to be able to take appropriate actions in the future.


Kolpa Kucho is a community farther from civilization, less used to contact with outsiders. Our goal was to get closer and get to know them more in order to better serve them. We installed 20 solar panels and mainly evaluated what was necessary for the 2016 Mission.


We brought food, clothes and shoes for the winter to both Communities. The expedition took place from September 23 to October 9.

In 2016, the alliance with Governor Francisco Quespi and the Chalmachimpana community was strengthened and, in response to his request for help, we were able to maintain the continuity of the visits. (esse texto está igual ao texto de 2013)


In 2017, in addition to the pilgrimage, we helped them make children happy at Christmas, the donations from the Q’eros Christmas Campaign were transformed into different foods and gifts for the children.


In 2018, in April, successfully completing the material support cycle, our Mission arrived with improvements to all the communities of Q’eros Nation. In July 2018, establishing the purpose of supporting them in their culture and uniqueness, we financially supported their participation in an agricultural fair in one of the villages, where they performed their music and showed their crafts and culture.

Em 2022 a Ong Pachamama doou quatorze mil reais (R$ 14.000,00) ao longo do ano de 2022 para ajudar na construção da creche em Chalmachimpana que atende a população de crianças menores de 5 anos deste Anexo da Nación Q'eros.

Missão Q'eros 2023


Em outubro deste ano estaremos de volta ao povo de Q'eros para renovar nossa aliança de dez anos de carinho e respeito mútuo, e acompanhar os DESAFIOS QUE TRAZ A CRISE CLIMÁTICA em Nação Q’eros, e dabater sobre as consequências para toda humanidade.

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Misayaoc , La risa de la Montaña - documentário

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