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Nación Pachamama Movement

The necessary encounter between traditions and revolutionary intentions

This movement comes from the root of just indignation to see our Mother Earth, Pachamama, devastated by policies and businesses that do not take into account the future of our planet, which is alive and alert. It appears as a peaceful but clear song of unity between thinkers, artists and workers, and inspired by the luminous message of the abuelos (grandparents) of the Andes. We feel that the path is to unite just indignation in one fist, but also hope, which is like the People's Sun, illuminating our path, to give birth to a new worldview of unity between the well-intentioned people of all colors and cultural backgrounds.


This movement of consciousness wandered for many years, serving and alerting consciences about the danger that arises from the lack of care and delicacy with the living beings of Pachamama. But the urgent clamor of the peoples of the trees, of the rivers, of the ecosystems of all forests, imposed on us the task of creating a unified and intelligent proposal, so that among all those who are aware of the dangers of the unconsciousness of mega-businesses, we come together in a united VOICE so we can move forward peacefully in a revolution of communications, of ways and bonds with planetary life.


This collective walk is an attempt by men and women who are concerned about life, about the broken bonds between nature and culture, and therefore we understand that an agreement is needed between east and west, between intellect and art, between academic philosophy and poetry, putting everything at the service of forging awareness of this historical moment that instigates us to truly live.


We are aware that we are not the originators of this knowledge, but  we are those who give continuity to this struggle for life, coming from the Original Peoples, and that certainly this aspiration will be followed by future generations, who we trust will stir the conscience of the ones who walk on this planet to take care and understand with intelligence and creativity how we can live in harmony and in abundant peace with all the living species of Pachamama.


Since 2012, we have presented society with a mature thought and intent, facing the tremendous challenges of our planetary life in its ecological sense, but also in its existential sense, aware that we cannot revolutionize our consumer culture without first changing our way to express our fears and cravings. We try to create this understanding from the broad dialogue between people from all over the world.


We maintain in our group feeling a poetic faith, as Coleridge said, in the spirit of Life that we call Pachamama, as an inspirer of reason and action. So, knowing that we are part of a Whole, NGO Pachamama tries to give a coherent and solid answer to this enigma that presents itself, either we change as a species, or the planet will take us out of circulation, as it did before with species that were not ecologically sustainable.


This understanding does not constitute a belief, it is a reality which governments and the academic world are slowly, very slowly accepting.


Here, in this and other activism movements, Tupac, Bartolina Sisa, and other libertarian brothers, who fought for Mother Earth, are screaming. There is so much hope dancing among hearts that have not aged in cynicism and consumerism. The Peoples have been trying to heal so many social and planetary wounds, and we small urban indians must help this healing response by confused and alienated society and from an unbalanced and unfairly abused Pachamama, who was mistreated by governments and traders they do not understand or do not want to understand the harm we cause to Mother Earth we cause to our present and future families also.



We are common inhabitants of these pampas, and we have been dreaming and creating with intelligence and respect acts of service to all living beings, to learn what our grandparents already knew: everything is alive, and everything belongs to everyone.


We feel this fraternal responsibility. We feel as a group that we have to learn so much from other movements, and that we also have some reflections to share. This journey does not begin in us, nor will it end in us, and we are aware that we are only a symptom of the collective Soul, trying to save the human species from its own ignorance and pride.


Whether we will succeed or not only the future will tell, but we are certainly in love with our group's intention to give birth to a new Nation, Pachamama Nation.

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